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Site de partage de ressources pour professeurs de FLE (français langue étrangère) et ESL (anglais seconde langue).


Free teacher resources site for FLE (French as a Foreign Language) and ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers.

As an ESL teacher and then a FLE teacher, I have always been keen to have my students use language not solely through the textbook, but also through engaging activities. Although there are numerous worksheets on the internet, speaking activities are not that common. This is why I started creating card games to engage my students. I then began sharing them with my colleagues.

When I started teaching French, I was soon assigned a Lao French assistant, who was keen to learn how to teach. This is how I began to break down the differents stages of my lessons, to allow him to understand the strategy in place. I figured these all-inclusive lesson plans would be well worth sharing.

I have always had a tendency to forget what I have done that worked well and often re-invent the wheel. This is what motivated me to create this website both to share the materials I had created with other teachers and to keep a record of the good materials found on the internet, as we teachers are quickly swamped with the throng of information available to us.

My articles are written in English to cater to a wider audience as most French speakers understand English but most English speakers don’t understand French (sad truth!). The activities and games are in French in ‘Le Coin Français,’ and in English in ‘The English Corner’.

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